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17 January 2009 @ 12:43 am

I want to write fanfictions so bad ...But right now I can't ! 
Even though I have so many plots in my head  ..Arghhh...*screaming with frustration* 

I want to write these pairings below...

-Jin/Maki  (I wonder ..Why did they only do some smut and just didn't end up together?
..I kind of adore Yamaki though ..but I really feel sorry for this pairing *sigh*)

-Rare pairing such as
*maybe KoKame (I don't have any idea for them yet)
*And another pairings that needed so much more affection
*Somehow I forgot that Jin/Maki's a rare pairing too *laugh*

Note: Please be aware of the fact that I love Angst...so most of my fics will be Angst-ish  =___=;

I must face with a pile of books until I reach my goal (I think I'll come back here at March)
...Um so I can't be here as much as I wish I can
and yeh can't write anything I want to....Just not yet

 (But maybe some of you saw me ..sneaked to read your fic sometimes *cough* 
It's a secret between us,right?)


P.S. I'm not a native English user ..so please bear with my grammar 
and about my fic ..it may need a little longer time than usual for translation process


Note: I need a Beta Reader as well ..if anyone interested in helping me  
Please let me know,Okay?   *make a puppy teary eyes*    

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04 December 2008 @ 08:25 pm
..Love  from the heart..


picture credit: Deepz


I just don't know what to begin with...um ..my first entry here.

However I just finished watching "Notting Hill"    so..let's talk about it for a bit (?)   

For me It's just an OK movie ..but I also like some quote from it.
Such as...

 “For June who loved this garden-From Joseph who always sat beside her. Some people do spend their whole lives together…Come and sit with me.” said Anna Scott


“The fame thing isn’t really real, you know? And don’t forget I’m also just a girl..standing in front of a boy asking him to love her” said Anna Scott


Actually I don't believe in "Everlasting love"-or something like that.. but I do believe that "True Love" really exist...

Believe in its existance,but don't think it'll last long for myself


so truly deep inside me  ..I don't have much faith in it 

and when you know me better ..you'll see that I have "Love phobia" ..55+     


Don't have anything to say anymore so ...see you next time!  ^___^


PS.I'm sorry for some mistake here. Because  you know ..I'm not good in English that much  ...so please endure me for a little longer  ...soon I promise I'll improve it.   

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